Is WooCommerce Safe? 7 Tips for WooCommerce Security

The Internet allows you to create an online shop, sell products, and ship them to customers worldwide. This doesn't take into consideration everything else the Internet provides to users, such as keeping them connected with friends and family easily.
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However, not everything on the web is safe, especially your e-commerce shop. Fortunately, WooCommerce has taken steps to make the platform safer for users, but it helps to know a few tips to enhance your website and customers’ safety as much as possible. 

Is WooCommerce Secure?

Ultimately, to answer “Is WooCommerce safe,” it’s important to know that WooCommerce designers created their platform with security as a top priority. The company goes above and beyond to protect users. While we know the site for its safety, an e-commerce shop owner can never be too careful, making WooCommerce security features essential. 

WooCommerce Security Checklist

So how secure is WooCommerce? It’s extremely so when you consider the additional features you may use to give you and your customers that extra layer of protection. 

1. Select a Reliable Host (WP Engine)

Your host plays a major role in security and safety. Put that in terms of a party host. Their job is to ensure you’re safe and comfortable, and a web host is the same. If the host provides the proper security measures, it helps ensure all your files and the rest of your database aren’t susceptible to an attack.  

Therefore, select your host carefully. Consider whether the host has a built-in firewall, offers security scans, and allows you to back up your site.

The host should have an excellent support team. You also want to choose one that allows for communication in a way that’s convenient for you, such as by phone, live chat, or email. 

Compare the reviews of different companies to help you decide. 

And don’t forget to ensure the host offers an SSL certificate to enhance your WooCommerce security by encrypting personal data. Having an SSL certificate also impacts your rank on search engine results. 

2. Enable Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication is an inexpensive way for a human to prove they’re human and the correct person on the account. The authentication may include having a pin code or a secret question. You could also have customers receive an authentication code to an email or phone. 

3. Install a Security Plugin

Installing a security plugin on your WooCommerce shop allows you to figure out and act when a threat occurs. A security plugin will enable you to scan your website routinely and intervene quickly. Depending on your choice, the plugin will update frequently to keep your site safe from the latest threats as malware evolves. 

4. Require Strong Passwords

Keep your site safe by requiring strong passwords that unauthorized users cannot guess, such as one with a minimum of eight characters, at least one symbol, one capital letter, and one number.

Certain plugins can take this one step further by requiring passwords to not be standard words, causing the passwords to be difficult to figure out by unwanted visitors. 

5. Limit Login Attempts

Although the answer to “Is WooCommerce safe” is yes, limiting login attempts is one more way to keep hackers out. Artificial intelligence and machine learning allow hackers to figure out passwords by trying every single possible combination of numbers and words until they discover the password. Therefore, within minutes, a hacker can break a weak password. A hacker can discover more complex passwords using advanced technology. 

Limiting login attempts from the same IP address can prevent hackers from using these programs to find passwords. 

6. Perform Backups Frequently

While a backup won’t protect you, it’ll make it so you can restore your e-commerce shop easily and quickly. A host may offer backups, but you must also have your own. This is just in case they compromise the server at any point.

7. Regularly Update Your Website

Not only can software updates increase the speed and performance of your e-shop, but they can also protect you from recent threats. For WooCommerce security purposes, the site frequently updates to protect e-store owners as well. 

Hackers may discover a particular change or new vulnerability before you know of it as a business owner. This gives them the ability to gain easy access. 

In Summary 

So Is WooCommerce safe? And how secure is WooCommerce? To answer both questions — it’s extremely safe. This is especially the case when you take a few steps to enhance your security, whether that means requiring strong passwords or using a security plugin, among other measures. 

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