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A reliable, fast-loading, easy to navigate and use e-shop is a must for every successful online product seller. WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin that can change your standard website into full-fledged e-shop.
With growing WordPress market share, configurability, and its easy-to-use factor, WooCommerce becomes a solution of choice for many online sellers.  

You can sell any product using your WooCommerce e-shop. With its options, it can be configured into a classic e-store, subscription-based solution, or a donation center. A Goodie WooCommerce specialist will either program your custom design into a fully-fledged WooCommerce e-shop or customize an e-shop theme provided to them.

You will receive updates throughout the whole development process to ensure you are kept in the know. We don’t hit the brakes until your WooCommerce e-shop is launched – guaranteed.

  • WooCommerce Development: Our Process

    1. Submit your project brief and design files
    2. Communicate the details of your project and receive quotes
    3. Select a developer and get started
  • How much does a WooCommerce website cost?

    Goodie developers estimate the development of your e-shop and provide you with a quote. This is based on the features and functionality included in your design as well as the brief accompanied with your files. Our average prices for WooCommerce websites average $2999 USD. You’ll receive your project cost estimates separately on your project space. The cost of a WooCommerce development depends on the structure of your design and the functionalities you wish to implement.

  • How long does it take to develop my WooCommerce project?

    Standard-complexity project development generally takes 15 working days from the date of your project kickoff payment. The more complex the project, the more time it takes to complete it.

  • Why should I consider a Goodie website for my WooCommerce e-shop?

    While working with Goodie WooCommerce developers, no client will feel disconnected from the process. Each project has a specific communication space on the Goodie platform where all project details are communicated and documented. For monitoring the project progress and previewing the WooCommerce website, there’s an individual secured staging server. Goodie developers are part of the development cloud where they communicate and support each other if there are any challenges along the way. This gives an additional layer of quality and security that the WooCommerce project will be completed as expected.

  • How do we hire experienced WooCommerce developers?

    Goodie is a subsidiary brand to a long-time operating agency. Therefore, we share recruitment processes including advertising, vetting questions, technical and soft skills interviews, and projects that test skills. For WooCommerce developer positions, we require five or more years of active woocommerce development. Applicants also need to complete the WordPress + WooCommerce test project. We generally hire the top 3% of applicants.

  • What if my WooCommerce project is urgent?

    If you need something as quickly as possible, please let us know in advance. Available developers will respond and get to work, but be advised that expedited service typically incurs development costs of an additional 50%.

  • What if I am not satisfied with my WooCommerce project?

    At Goodie, we take client satisfaction seriously and love what we do. As a result, our average customer score for the past 200 projects is 4.75 out of five. For additional peace of mind, take a look at our Satisfaction Guarantee Policy.

Goodie Website developers helped to increase sales numbers by setting up WooCommerce shops. We’ve assisted partners who sell cbd products, human performance enhancing solutions, healthy dog food products, sweets, and much more.


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