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Front-end development is an essential part of website maintenance. Our very own freelance front-end developers at Goodie follow best practices to deliver web standard and accessibility compliant, lightweight and fast loading, responsive, modular and semantically written code.


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Professional Front-End Developers

All websites, web apps, prototypes, and even CMS platforms are based on HTML templates as a standard-issue browser language. We use Sketch, a tool of choice for designers ever since it emerged onto the market. This solution enables for a lightweight and streamlined prototyping and designing approach. That way, our HTML developers can quickly extract  essential information from the design, leading to improved efficiency and cleaner coding.

Our professional front-end developers can convert your Sketch designs and requirements into dedicated HTML templates. We focus on everything from pixel-perfect implementation to maintaining compliance with web and accessibility standards. Combined with best-in-class cross-browser compatibility and optimal responsiveness, you get the best solution possible. 

Our process is transparent and straightforward as well, making it easy to stay up-to-date with notifications about project progress. We’re happy to work with you to ensure the best results for your website and business!

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  • Front-End Development: Our process

    1. Submit your front-end development project details and design assets
    2. Communicate the project details and receive quotes
    3. Select a developer and start the project
  • What is the average front-end development cost?

    Goodie developers estimate your front-end development project based on the details and requirements provided. We’ll send a quote based on the complexity of your design and interaction requirements. The average front-end development service from us starts at $999 USD. This is merely a ballpark estimate, and we can provide up to three cost estimates separately on your project space.

  • How long does it take to develop my front-end development project?

    Standard front-end development takes five to seven working days from the date of your project kickoff payment. The timeframe for completion will increase with complexity.

  • Why should I consider Goodie for my front-end development project?

    Our developers ensure every client has a great relationship with them, and that everyone involved is on the same page. Each front-end development project has its own communication channel on the Goodie platform, which is where all project discussions are managed. Dedicated secured staging server setups are utilized for previewing and tracking projects. Our devs also test your files via dedicated browser testing services. This ensures the best possible quality and end results.


  • How do you hire experienced front-end development developers?

    Goodie utilizes various recruitment processes adopted by our managing agency. These include advertising, skills testing, vetting questions, and technical and soft skills interviews. For front-end developer positions, we require at least five years of active development experience. Applicants also must know how to use graphic applications like Figma, Adobe XD, and/or Sketch. Goodie typically hires the top 3% of the candidates who applied. 

  • What if my front-end development project is urgent?

    Please let us know when briefing our team. We’ll be happy to arrange for an expedited service if it’s feasible and should developers be available to get started. Please bear in mind that additional charges will apply, typically an additional 50% or so on top of the standard development cost.

  • What if I am not satisfied with my front-end development project?

    We’re here to help and, in fact, our average customer score granted by clients after delivery of their projects is 4.75 out of five! For added peace of mind, take a look at our Satisfaction Guarantee Policy.