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Goodie developers work with designer teams, small business owners, one-man companies and/or digital agencies requiring shopify. They deliver custom-made Shopify online stores. Maximize the potential of your business today!


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Professional Shopify Developers

The Shopify platform offers an easy-to-navigate and user-friendly eshop environment, making it an ideal place for selling products online. Nowadays, it’s a must for almost every retailer business. 

Shopify’s webstore options can be configured into a classic eshop, subscription-based solution, or even a donation center. Our Goodie specialists will either code your design into a custom Shopify online store, or they can customize a template you provide.

During the development process, you will receive regular updates to be kept in the loop on how things are progressing. We work closely with you until your Shopify online store is launched, and afterwards for any required tweaks!

  • Shopify Development: Our Process

    1. Upload your project brief and design files
    2. Communicate your project details with devs and receive quotes
    3. Select a developer and kickoff your project
  • How much will it cost me to build a Shopify website?

    Each project starts with a discovery phase where developers are communicating with the client about the project requirements. Developers who are comfortable with the amount of information about the project will provide their project estimations. The average price for a standard Shopify online store development is averaging $3499 USD. This is a high-level price but not the final estimate, so please only use it to get an idea about budget expectations. Final and detailed project cost estimates are sent individually on your project space. The price for Shopify development depends on the structure of your design and the online store functionalities required.

  • What is the duration of my Shopify project development?

    Turnaround time for a standard Shopify website is around 15 working days from the project kickoff payment. This may increase, of course, if your project is more complex or larger in scale.

  • Why should I go with the Goodie Website for my Shopify online store?

    Our Shopify project developments are informed by the client and the expertise of our developers themselves. We work transparently and carefully with you to ensure your needs are addressed and expectations are met. Each project has a specific communication space on the Goodie platform. This is where all project details are documented including communications. We are using a staging environment on the Shopify platform to ensure optimal development efficiency and efficacy. What makes the process even smoother is that when the development stage is completed, it only takes a single click to launch your site. An additional layer of quality and security is added by our development cloud, where there’s a room for discussion and quality control of the Shopify project in question.

  • What is your recruitment process for experienced Shopify developers?

    Goodie uses specifically designed recruitment processes, which were refined by the highly experienced agency helping to oversee our own operations. These include Shopify position advertising, applicant vetting questions, personal interviews, and skills test projects. Each Shopify developer position candidate is required to have at least five years of active development experience on the platform. On top of that, they need to complete a special Shopify test project.

  • What if I need to expedite my Shopify project?

    Don’t forget to mention such requirements during the project submission process. Please specify the deadline you expect us to meet. Available Shopify developers who can deliver your website on urgency terms will apply. However, be aware that there’s a 50% extra charge on top of the standard development cost for expedited service.

  • What if I am not satisfied with my Shopify project?

    Reach out to us. We’re always here to help! In fact, Goodie has attained an average customer rating of 4.75 out of five. Not only that, but we offer a comprehensive Satisfaction Guarantee Policy.