Website Development For Real Estate Company

Our team at Goodiewebsite had the pleasure of working closely with Kudelski Real Estate to develop their new website.
An image representing website development of real estate company.

Our website development team at Goodiewebsite worked closely with Kudelski Real Estate. We helped them develop their new website. We collaborated to create a platform. It showcases their properties. It does so in the most visually appealing and user-friendly way. We used WordPress as our CMS. We tailored every part of the site to meet the complex needs of today’s realtors and their clients.

Key Features for a Top-Notch Real Estate Website Development

We know that real estate clients expect high-quality digital experiences. So, we made sure to include these must-have features:

  • Responsive Design. It ensures the website works on all devices. This is crucial for mobile real estate investors.
  • High-Quality Visuals. We made property images and logos display crisply. This improved the site’s look and professionalism.
  • Interactive Elements. We added a gallery of excellence. Users can click through its images to see a project. It offers a better view of properties.

Focused on Usability and Accessibility of Website Development

Ensuring that the Kudelski Real Estate website was easy to navigate was a top priority. We paid special attention to:

  • Seamless Navigation. We carefully tuned the site’s layout. We did this to ensure it works on all devices and in all sections.
  • Multilingual Options. We added French translations. This helped French-speaking users and a diverse clientele use our product.
A live version of the Kudelski Real Estate website development project.

Going Live with Confidence

Launching a new website is always exciting, and with Kudelski Real Estate, it was no different. We thoroughly reviewed and adjusted the site based on client feedback. Then, we successfully launched it. You can view it at Kudelski Real Estate. This launch is a big step for Kudelski Real Estate in its digital journey. It also shows our commitment to providing top-tier web development services. The client has chosen Infomaniak hosting provider.

Partner with us at Goodiewebsite, and let us help you transform your online presence. For more tips on web development, check out resources like A List Apart and Web Developer. Are you a realtor who wants to improve your website? Or, are you a business that needs a digital overhaul? We’re here to help.