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WordPress Website For Narrated Supreme Court Opinions

Audire - Hear the court speak.
A background image conveying the court audio recording app.

Starting Off on the Right Foot

Hey there! Our team just wrapped up launching a super cool project for our client, Audire. They handed us this awesome design they got from a 99Designs contest, and it was our job to bring it to life. We dived right in, kicking things off with a sleek homepage. But that’s just the beginning. We’re gearing up to add some nifty login and payment pages, aiming to make everything as smooth as butter, just like Curio’s setup (have you seen their subscription and signup process? Top-notch!).

Why WordPress Website Was a No-Brainer For Court Website

Picking WordPress for Audire? Total game-changer. It lets us keep the site fresh and up-to-date without breaking a sweat. Whether it’s adding new faces to the advisory board or dropping the latest court opinions, updates are a breeze with WordPress. It’s all about staying agile and responsive to what users need.

A background image conveying the court audio recording app, located on WordPress website

Nailing the Website User Experience

We wanted to make sure using Audire felt like a walk in the park, no matter if you’re on a phone or chilling with a laptop. Ditching the app store runaround, we set up a direct line to subscription and service sign-ups. Plus, we took a leaf out of Blinkist’s book for some inspiration, throwing in engaging “What Do You Want to Audire?” dropdowns that keep things spicy.

What We Cooked Up:

  • Access for All: We’ve made Audire a cinch to navigate, device be darned.
  • Fresh Off the Press: WordPress keeps us on our toes, ready to refresh content on the fly.
  • Fun Meets Insight: With interactive elements, we’re making sure you have a blast while you learn.

Hosting Audire’s audio content straight on the site means you get instant access to deep dives into legal topics. And that “Audire Advisory” section with snappy tabs? It lets you switch between insights from legal eagles, no sweat.

As Audire keeps growing, we’re sticking to our mission: keep it simple, engaging, and jam-packed with juicy legal insights. With our knack for turning visions into reality and Audire’s awesome ideas, we’re transforming how folks interact with legal info. Cheers to making the legal world a bit less daunting, one update at a time!

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