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What is the Cost to Hire a Shopify Web Developer?

The time and effort spent on creating a functional website can be extensive. Adding Shopify to the mix, you might run into several unique steps in addition to those you are already working on for optimal UX and UI.
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The right developer can positively influence this project. Developer ensures that back and frontend concerns are dealt with and that your site can launch on time. If you’re looking to hire professional help, you want to know what is the cost to hire a Shopify developer?

The reality is that this expense can vary. Something might start as a simple project but could develop into a bigger task and be more expensive than you originally planned. Some Shopify web designers can charge hourly rates or a lump sum based on an entire project.  If you are looking to hire someone to build a Shopify store, this post will explore the relevant details to help you budget for the cost.

Factors That Affect The Cost of Shopify Developer

Like hiring any freelancer whose expertise you require, such as a graphic designer or marketing advisor, Shopify consultant rates can differ based on a few considerations. 

Skills and Experience

Many Shopify developers will base their rates on their level of experience and skills with the platform. The adage is that the more of each that they have, the more they can charge for their services.

In addition, someone with a degree or certificate from an accredited institution could potentially charge more because they have verified knowledge, even if they haven’t worked as a web designer for a long time. In any case, a Shopify developer knows what they are worth in terms of the work they can do. 

Type And Volume Of Work

Not all projects are the same for these kinds of developers. They may work with a business that already has a website but is looking to add a virtual storefront with Shopify. On the other hand, an individual could be getting their eCommerce business off the ground and need a complete webpage built. In general, A Shopify developer with minimal and simplistic tasks to complete will charge less than one who needs to apply customizations or build a brand new site.

Spelling out the type and volume of work in a contract can be helpful to ensure you stay within your budget. If any work goes above and beyond what you and your web designer have agreed to, you can add it as the project progresses.

Shopify Services

There are three main pricing ranks for Shopify users to choose from: a basic option, a mid-tier, and an advanced version. Each has different features that might be useful for your purposes. You might need to pay for the higher pricing options to ensure a good ecommerce experience. Your web designer may need to piece together different codes to enable full functionality, such as a seamless checkout option, which will take time and effort and be potentially more expensive. 

There is a free trial available to test out features from each plan. You may want to connect with your Shopify developer to see which option would work best for your purposes before committing to a tier that could mean more work and, thus, a higher bill from them. 


Many might think that because they are located in a specific country or continent, they must hire a Shopify developer from that same place. However, this is not the case. In fact, it could be more cost-effective to hire someone outside your geographical area because their rates better align with your budget.

Shopify is a universal software, so you can hire a professional from anywhere in the world as long as they speak your language and meet your needs. 

Other Aspects To Consider

While the above factors focus primarily on how much Shopify developers charge, you’ll also need to consider yourself in the equation. The below factors will help ensure you are on the right track to hiring the most affordable person for your needs. 

Your Budget

Website costs, including those with plenty of customizations, can easily run into tens of thousands of dollars. While some might have the means to pay for that, others do not. Putting together a budget might include some research on your end based on the kind of project you need for your Shopify storefront. Consider the minimum and maximum you are willing to spend and compare that to other projects with similar quotes or final amounts found online. 

Additionally, you can meet with developers and let them know your budget during the interview. They should be able to give you an estimate that you can review.

Timeline Of Your Project

No matter the complexity of your web project, it’s a misconception that it can be accomplished in a few days. The build and design will likely take weeks, and the Shopify developer cost will reflect that. While you might put together an estimated timeline that works for your schedule, your web designer could have various projects on the go, and that date may need to be revised as a result. 

You might space out a project based on weekly completion goals and build costs around that. This can help you stick to your budget more closely as the site progresses. Your Shopify web designer could charge by the hour or project, depending on the scale. If you want your website finished in a finite period or even rushed, it’ll cost you. 

The Sophistication Of Your Site

Incorporating third-party apps, changing code, and enhancing UX/UI are details you need to consider when planning your site. Not only are they essential for your customers, but also the price of your build. Shopify store developers may quote you a specific amount based on your project outline and function you are looking for. The more layers or features you add, the higher the cost could be. While your web designer can make changes or updates you want to see, they will likely begin to charge more if the modifications are outside the project’s original scope.

Remember the additional cost: the theme you choose, the cost of adding Shopify to your site, your CMS, website hosting, domain, and other details. The more sophisticated these specifics are, the higher the cost could be in addition to Shopify consultant rates.

How Can A Shopify Developer Improve My Website? 

The expertise of a Shopify developer is invaluable when building your site. They understand specific details and nuances that turn good websites into great ones. 

These professionals can also ensure things look and function how you want them to — likely a feat you cannot accomplish on your own without garnering plenty of hours of knowledge from the internet. A Shopify web designer undertakes numerous responsibilities. Shopify developer can look at things from the front and backends. Developer is making updates and changes as needed and providing advice and insights into what will and won’t work.

Create Integrations

Your social media presence might be a significant component of your business or something you want to improve. Hiring a Shopify developer allows your site to integrate with your existing social platform pages like Instagram and Facebook. This creates a streamlined experience for potential customers, who can access your virtual storefront and provide comments.

Do you use another third-party app as part of your services, like MailChimp? Some services require a purchase to use on your site and further work for integration. Your Shopify developer can incorporate it into your site and ensure full functionality.

This area of backend development can take a significant amount of time, and the cost reflects it. You can pay anywhere from $3,000 to $15,000, depending on the apps, forms, and other features you want to include.

Perform Code Changes

Code is the backbone of any website. While themes and specific aspects of your site have this built-in, the more customizations you want, the more it has to change. Understanding code is rarely accomplished overnight. Being able to write it is vital for a developer to ensure everything runs smoothly. Code can also be enhanced to boost your store’s performance by comprising images or deleting any unnecessary pieces that don’t work for your purposes.

Responsive design is critical to your site, and having the code to ensure it is present is vital. This can come in the form of mobile view changes, as many look at websites on a handheld device rather than a laptop. In all, it’s unlikely that your web project will be finished without some kind of code changes. The Shopify web designer cost for this is upwards of $5,000.

Ensure Proper Functionality

Troubleshooting is a vital component of the building of your site. Every aspect needs to be accounted for and addressed, so your customers can have an easy experience navigating and purchasing your products. A Shopify developer will dedicate time to testing and ensuring that all pages, links, and other features work well. Having an eCommerce website means that there are more details to consider than your average webpage, which involves taking more time to perfect and work through potential issues. These include payment processing systems and payment options, shopping carts, product pages, and a page, or multiple, for reviews where customers can leave feedback.

Once your build is complete, it could still take a significant amount of time to ensure everything works. A Shopify consultant’s rate for this could be up to $20,000.

Finding The Right Developer

Opening your Shopify storefront and launching your site is an exciting time. But, it’s important to remember that this project is a significant undertaking that will likely take months to complete. As a result, you’ll want to find someone who can execute your vision. A trustworthy, reliable partner whom you can count on, and who you can budget appropriately.

Ideally, this individual will have the skills and expertise necessary to execute a completely functional Shopify eCommerce site. At Goodie Website, we connect people with Shopify developers that can meet their needs, whether for businesses or individuals. We have experts available to help the process go smoothly. Our developers are transparent about rates and costs so you can make an informed decision on who to hire. Contact us today to get started.