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Email developers at Goodie deliver custom email templates for various email distributing platforms including MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, and Constant Contact. No email will be left unopened once we’re finished!


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Professional Email Template Developers

A fast-loading, mobile-friendly email with carefully curated content is a must for every successful marketing strategy. Email templates are widely used to support sales and communications, among other essential areas of business.
With the growing number of emails sent each day, fast loading, mobile compatibility, and email deliverability are key factors our Goodie developers keep in mind when working on templates.

Sending clean and easy-to-read emails, which should be delivered to appropriate recipients with all relevant and crucial information, can help achieve an ideal open rate and readability numbers. Goodie email specialists will code your custom email template design, test it with email delivery tools, and even install it on your email delivery service account.

During the development process, you will be kept up to date on how things are going. We won’t settle for less than the best customer service and satisfaction.


  • Sketch-to-HTML Template Development: Our Process

    1. Submit your email template project brief and design files
    2. Communicate the details of your project and receive quotes
    3. Select a email template developer and get started
  • What’s the cost for email template development?

    The quote for development is based on the complexity of your design and email campaign software integration requirements. The prices for email template development are typically around $799 USD. After sending us your design assets and template requirements, we can provide further pricing details.

  • What is the timeframe to develop my email template project?

    Standard email development takes five working days from the date of the project kickoff payment.

  • Why should I choose Goodie for my email template development?

    Our email template developers are professionals who make sure to make all clients feel connected with the project. All projects have a unique space set aside for them on the Goodie platform. This is where all project details are communicated and documented. To monitor progress and preview the email template, there’s an individual secured preview server URL. The development team is testing our services with email delivery tools such as MailChimp, Constant Contact, and Litmus. This lends an additional layer of quality to the email template project development process.

  • How do you hire experienced email template developers?

    Goodie shares recruitment processes of our head brand company, Xfive, including advertising, vetting questions, skills testing and technical and soft skills interviews. For Email template developer positions, we require at least three years of active email template development experience. We also require that applicants undertake a simple email template test, and we only take on the best talent in the business.

  • Do you provide expedited email template development?

    Yes. If you need an expedited delivery for your project, let us know as soon as possible, such as in the project brief. Any available developers will be able to take on the work, but please note that extra charges (an average of 50% more compared to standard development time) will apply for expedited service.

  • What if I am not happy with my email template project?

    We’re happy to help. In fact, in our last 200 projects alone, our average customer score was 4.75 out of five! In addition, we offer a comprehensive Satisfaction Guarantee Policy for added peace of mind.

Goodie developers helped to increase sales and marketing numbers by providing deliverable email templates to our partners including Purple Dot, Fraser Academy, NETdepot and many more.


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